Loyalty Rewards Program

Studies show that roughly 75% of Real Estate Agents have a SINGLE lending partner to which they refer clients. A similar study conducted explains that approximately 80% of agent respondents do NOT receive business from that one lender, and of that 80%, only a small fraction (5%) said they would NOT like to receive leads in return (as they would feel some sort of obligation to the lender). While you have no obligation to our company or commitment to any company at all for that matter, we set out to defy those stereotypes. In our eyes, lender marketing efforts mean nothing unless we can back up our advertised claims. Many lenders have shiny posters that say the right things; but, PERFORMANCE is what ultimately counts. Why choose Residential Mortgage Solutions you ask? The top 6 deal breakers for agents in terms of selecting their lender come down to:
Speed 58% of realtors said that speed was the most important consideration when referring a client to a lender. As part of our preferred partner guarantee, we promise to get your settlement completed in 30 days or less, that is, if we have all the required documents to put the file together. Don’t buy into the “Push button get mortgage” or “Do nothing and get pre-approved” scams. Mortgage lending guidelines require ALL LENDERS to obtain the same necessary documents to meet underwriting standards. We will absolutely do our part, you do yours!
Competitive Rates/Pricing A common trend with some mortgage lenders is to false advertise “teaser rates” that help grab a buyer’s attention. Our company posts LEGITIMATE interest rates that we can ACTUALLY OFFER to our customers. They are updated on our website daily. No overcharging outrageous fees or hiding it in the form of a higher interest rate. Feel free to give us a call at (800)-576-7776 to get a REALISTIC quote for your clients today!
Underwriting One of our biggest accomplishments and something that we pride ourselves on the most here at RMS comes from our in-house underwriting/processing departments. That’s right, both of these departments are located within the same building, giving us direct access to quick decision making. The standard “big bank” quote of “your file is in line for underwriting” doesn’t apply here! No run-arounds, no excuses, as our purchase customers get priority service over our other sources of business.
Communication/Responsiveness/Customer Service It all comes together in the consistent service that we deliver. As you know, there are often hiccups in the home buying process. From issues with the home inspection down to last minute changes in the Closing Disclosure, keeping our realtor partners informed about any and every small bump in the road helps to move this process along. Our licensed loan originators are in constant communication with both their clients and all other third party vendors involved in the transaction through our online “realtor login.” Track the status of your client’s loan from application through closing with real-time updates. Get back to showing new clients homes, and we’ll handle everything on our end. We do the work, so you don’t have to!
Trust As expected, most real estate agents tend to refer their clients to a single lender partner for which they have established a business relationship, and that’s okay; however, you haven’t used RMS yet. With countless positive reviews on the BBB, Yelp, Google Reviews and 10,000 + closed loans later, we would like to say we are doing something right. Give us a shot and find out for yourself… You won’t be disappointed!
Product selection With 12 different products ranging from government loans to conventional mortgages, we have the right loan here for every borrower. It doesn’t hurt that we can do loans with a variety of credit scores, ranging from 820 down to 500. Yep, we did say that right, a 500 FICO score. Our diverse loan products menu (Link to Our Products) is just another way we separate ourselves from our competition.
If all of these great service guarantees weren’t enough, we added a 7th “deal breaker” that RMS brings to the table most likely not offered by your existing lender. At RMS, we feel that offering incredible service for you and your buyers just isn’t enough. That’s why we created our “Loyalty Rewards Program” to incentivize you to work with us, loan after loan. Residential Mortgage Solutions will offer these “Loyalty Rewards” in the form of “Lender Credits” for your buyers on the first THREE home purchases financed through RMS. The lender credits can be applied toward any of the following costs associated with your purchase loan:
Total Loyalty Rewards up to $1250
Total Loyalty Rewards up to $1000
Total Loyalty Rewards up to $750
Total Loyalty Rewards up to $500
Total Loyalty Rewards up to $250
Total Loyalty Rewards Loan Amount Range



As a proud partner of Residential Mortgage Solutions, once you have closed 3 units with our company, you will receive the following benefits, starting with the fourth loan, for the next 12 months (regardless of the purchase price of the home). After the 12-month period is over, the program will restart.
  1. $750 in TOTAL LOYALTY REWARDS, regardless of the purchase price of the home.
  2. 25-day Priority Service from application date to closing *subject to all documents being provided from borrowers in a timely fashion
  3. Priority status, exclusively paid for by RMS through our purchase lead generation sources. These leads are purchased by RMS through the many third party vendors in which we do business, and are targeted towards borrowers not yet working with a realtor. These home-buyers will be pre-qualified by RMS, and handed off to only you. Just another way to increase your book of business, free of charge!
  4. Your picture, bio, and contact information advertised on our website for additional marketing exposure.
Can be applied toward:
  • Appraisal Fee
  • Settlement Fee
  • Realtor/Broker Admin Fee
  • Closing Costs
  • Title Fees
*Please note, this offer can be subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other promotion offered through Residential Mortgage Solutions. Contact Us